Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What are you going to do about Christmas gifts this year?

Don't forget the price of gas (even though the price has dropped somewhat,it is still out of sight!) Look at the increased prices of groceries and you can forget them ever coming down except for sales. What about clothing,entertainment,school supplies, over the counter drugs and even worse are the drugs prescribed for you, cost of all insurance, repairs on anything, the price of a new car went out of sight years ago, and what about the price of rent and even more painful .... house payments?

One great way to save and still give great gifts is to HANDMAKE them. HANDMADE anything is quite wonderful. You are not limited to just the things that you find at the stores when it is HANDMADE.

Over the years, I have saved thousands of dollars by going with HANDMADE items for gifts and everyday use. I have made everything from terrycloth robes for male and female, dolls, and stuffed toys, cloth books,painted pictures, pictures frames with photo, painted china and glass, beautiful bookmarks , jewelry of all kinds...necklace,earrings,bracelets, men's jewelry, vests, decorated and/or altered sweatshirts, painted flowerpots and I have even made a couple of wedding dresses. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture.
So many people are trying to live Green now days. If you look around you will find many things that can be repurposed. You can always use the plastic in the 2 liter soda pop bottles...lots of things to do with that. ( Watch for up coming posts and pictures of some of these things). Have you ever seen the sailing ships and other models made from the metal pop cans? How about the braided rugs made from plastic shopping bags?

Vintage fabric or clothing that can't or won't be worn can be turned into toss pillows or plush toys or even used to fashion another garment. Or as our Grandmothers did, use it to make a quilt or even a small baby blanket or throw for those chilly nights.

As for my Christmas Gifting, you can be sure that I will be HANDMAKING the gifts If it is something that I can't or don't have the time to make, I will shop online by going to ETSY.Com where HANDMADE is the "IN" thing to have and do.

Yes, my crafting has resulting in me opening a shop on ETSY. I am a proud member of GAetsyTeam, CAST and Fatsy. That is only 3 groups of the very talented artists that sell their wares on ETSY. Our Georgia Etsy Street Team just finished our October Sale ....it was a fun event. I have left my items on sale until midnight Nov.1....Free shipping for sale. I will be adding the beginning of my Christmas line on Nov. 1,2008. My shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Stop by at your liesure at http://www.jonwen45.etsy.com/. NO GAS money to spend!!! If you don't find what you want or need, then by all means give the other shops a chance http://www.etsy.com/ . I truly believe that you will become "hooked" on HANDMADE !!!!!!