Saturday, December 27, 2008


Remember that little voice that told me "you are not finished ,yet" ? It was in reference to the
things that I was doing to get ready for Christmas.

After I got a good night's sleep, I finally remembered what it was that I forgot.

I forgot to go Christmas shopping !! I did not even BUY any gifts at all. Now how could a person
not remember something like that?

Well, actually the answer is pretty simple...... I HANDMAKE any and all gifts that I give at any time of the year. I just love making items that others like and want. I have a few HANDMADE items
left in my ETSY shop that are 50% OFF the regular price. This sale ends January 1,2009.

Get a start on Your Christmas shopping for HANDMADE items.....after all it is only 363 more days until Christmas 2009.


Well, are you ready for Christmas yet?...the one that is coming up in 363 days from now?

I will be perfectly honest !!! I am not ready. I don't think that I am ready for the just past
Christmas. There is still this little nagging voice inside that keeps saying, "you are not finished yet". But what is it ? My daughter put the tree up and did the decorating. We did the shopping for the food. My husband and I did the cooking on Christmas eve and Christmas Day. My son and his wife brought more food. We ate like hungry pigs and then did it all over again the next day.
Maybe today, I will just drink water, crystal,clear spring water ,right out of our own spring fed deep well.

But there is that nagging voice again...."you are not finished yet". Now what can it possibly be?

Like Scarlett "I will think about that tomorrow." I am feeling very sleep deprived.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008




Baby Noah came home from the hospital today, 12-24-08.....How much better can it get ? He is 24days old today. He is now 18 inches long and weighs 5 lbs. 14 oz. He is a real little fighter.

We are so blessed that we have him and that he is doing as well as he is. Our family just wants to say thank you again for your prayers, good thoughts and words of encouragement.

May all of you have a wonderful Christmas. Let Baby Noah be a reminder of why we celebrate
Christmas. And I pray that the New Year will bring many blessings to each of you !

Friday, December 19, 2008


As I was looking for a scarf a few nights ago, I ran across a very,very young artist.
Presently we are discussing doing a feature on her. I thing that she will be one of
the greats as she gains more experience. Watch out for her on this blog.

Also,I will be getting back to my bead trees.

While Baby Noah was so critical, I was not even thinking about beads,much less the
ones that are growing on the trees. I do need to get them picked before we have the
really rough winter rains and winds. As many of these trees as are around ,you would think that someone would invent a machine that would fit on a tractor for picking beads. If you know of such a thing, please let me know. I really think I am to old to be climbing trees.

My SALE is still going on at check it out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just look at Baby Noah! He is gaining weight,breathing on his own, taking most of his milk by bottle instead of feeding tube. Still has a few problems that can be managed. He may get to go home this week end. Or at least first of next week. Please help me to think positive.

To watch him get to this point...see pictures starting on this blog on December 1,2008...that is his birthday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

SALE***** 1/2 OFF ***** 50% REDUCTION***SALE

These are two of the items that I have marked
down....I just need to make space
for valentine items.

Please stop by my etsy shop and and bring others
with you ! Thanks!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Baby Noah is doing so much better. They have taken the tubes out of his stomach. Also the jaundice light that he has been under has done its job and that has been turned off of him. The
only thing left now is the nasal cannula for oxygen and a feeding tube through the mouth. He is needing more and more milk in his feeding tube to satisfy him. They gave him a pacifier to encourage him to suck...he was trying to suck on the vent. tube and the feeding tube. Hoping to be able to try him on a bottle next few days.

Little Mommy and little Daddy are in much better shape emotionally this week. Noah's personality is starting to shine through. I should have more pictures in next few days....some that we can actually see his face.

I have had such sweet notes from some of you. Thanks to all of you for good thoughts and prayers for Baby Noah and his Mommy and Daddy. It is amazing how much people really care.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another pix of Baby Noah

Such a beautiful little boy!! Still needs prayer!!


Baby Noah was born yesterday, 12/1/08. 6weeks premature. He weighs 5lb 4oz, 14inches long.
Not as large as a cabbage patch doll. He is perfect in everyway except for his lungs. They are not completely developed yet and he can not breath on his own and he can not nurse. They have listed him as critical. We are all saying lots of prayers for him and his parents.

Picture on right was taken a few minutes after he was born.

Picture on left was taken from neo-natal unit.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Party to greatest creation

Some years ago, I gave birth to my son. Then he fathered a daughter . Now tonight or maybe in the morning she will give birth to a little boy baby named Noah. He is 6 weeks early so we are saying prayers for him and his mother that they will be safe and healthy. At this point the docs say that every thing is going just great.

We will talk about the bead tree later...I am still trying to get them picked.

Pictures of Noah as soon a they are made.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I heard a tractor coming down the road. Since we don't have too many of those passing by now days, I went to see what was going on. You might know that it was a farmer on a tractor....and attached to the tractor was a picking machine. I knew that it was a picking machine because I had seen it in a field of cotton last week and , for sure, it was picking the cotton. Seems to me that it was wasting more that it was saving. There was a lot on the ground and a good bit left on the bushes....This did not happen when the cotton was hand picked.

Well at any rate, I ask the farmer if he could pick my "beads" with his machine and showed him the trees. Would you believe he almost laughed his head off and then he laughed some more. I did not think that it was so "cotton pickin'" funny. I really need those "beads" picked ! When he realized that I was serious (he had that "you really are a nut case" look on his face) he very carefully explained that the cotton picking machine could not reach up high into the trees, it could only pick things that were down low to the ground.

As he pulled his fancy picking machine,back into the road, he was still laughing. I just don't understand it at all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


After all the leaves fell off this tree, I discovered the most amazing was filled with clusters of beautiful golden beads.

Now I would say that if this is,in truth, a real live bead tree...well, then I will never have to buy beads again.

However the question now becomes "how will I obtain the golden beads from the tree branches?"

I am short. The tree is tall.
There was a time many years ago when I have little kids around me all the time that would have been up the tree picking "beads" and selling them to me for a penny each. But now I have millions of beads and no one to pick them for me.......and I have just found 4 more trees like this on the edge of the property. O, goody, now how am I going to get 5 trees of "beads" picked?

I will keep you posted on the out come of this wonderful puzzle.

In the meantime check out my shop at to see how I have been using the beads that I bought.

If you know of any "bead pickers" that don't charge much, please send them my way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Delay in adding to shop

Old age stinks but the only other option is death. Think I will stick with old age. Been feeling a bit poorly lately so I spent most of today with doctor and then waiting on my meds. At least while I waited, I was able to go to bead store. Got some pretty interesting beads and can't wait to start creating.

I have some cute Snow Mamas and some crystal angels ready for the shop.
Just have to get pictures made and posted.

My shop of course is

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After Election Day

Well, dear friends, we made it through and we are still here this morning

even if we did stay up two nights in a row watching CNN.

And as I said before , it doesn't matter who the winner is , we need to pray for this country and its people because we are in a real mess here with the economy and the prices of gas and everything else. With a great deal of courage and faith ,we need to go forward to rebuild our sick economy and renew our belief in this mighty nation.

I plan to do everything I can to help the economy to recover. I will be putting more items in my shop at reasonable prices and low shipping rates.

This will keep money here and lower gas consumption. The items will all be HANDMADE or vintage. I recycle as many objects as I can and incorporate them into my items. Presently my main focus is on jewelry and since I am a Proud member of the Etsy Fatsy Team, I will be adding some larger pieces for the Big Beautiful Ladies and Guys too. I am also a Proud member of the GAetsyTeam and CAST. All of these folks are wonderful artists and crafters!

Enough of this coffee and chatting. Got to go and create something wonderful for my shop. .Click on the Christmas section to see the newest items. I will be adding more today. In fact , I think I will add some pictures now...they will probably be at the top of this page/or not.

Yes the pictures showed up at the top of the page . The first one is of a necklace made of cateye glass chips with an enameled hummingbird pendant. It will make a great gift...get all the details and order in my etsy shop.(web site listed above). The next picture of course is of red and green Christmas wreath earrings, also available in my shop.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I openend my Christmas Shop today. All items HANDMADE !

And I will be adding to it every few days. I am planning on having

items other than jewelry. There is just not enough time in the day

to make all the things crowded in my head. Right now I am focused

on animals, frogs,butterflies,hummingbirds. You never know what

might make its way into the shop.

Stop by any time and often. I think you will enjoy your visit.

The picture above is just a little something from the shop......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What are you going to do about Christmas gifts this year?

Don't forget the price of gas (even though the price has dropped somewhat,it is still out of sight!) Look at the increased prices of groceries and you can forget them ever coming down except for sales. What about clothing,entertainment,school supplies, over the counter drugs and even worse are the drugs prescribed for you, cost of all insurance, repairs on anything, the price of a new car went out of sight years ago, and what about the price of rent and even more painful .... house payments?

One great way to save and still give great gifts is to HANDMAKE them. HANDMADE anything is quite wonderful. You are not limited to just the things that you find at the stores when it is HANDMADE.

Over the years, I have saved thousands of dollars by going with HANDMADE items for gifts and everyday use. I have made everything from terrycloth robes for male and female, dolls, and stuffed toys, cloth books,painted pictures, pictures frames with photo, painted china and glass, beautiful bookmarks , jewelry of all kinds...necklace,earrings,bracelets, men's jewelry, vests, decorated and/or altered sweatshirts, painted flowerpots and I have even made a couple of wedding dresses. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture.
So many people are trying to live Green now days. If you look around you will find many things that can be repurposed. You can always use the plastic in the 2 liter soda pop bottles...lots of things to do with that. ( Watch for up coming posts and pictures of some of these things). Have you ever seen the sailing ships and other models made from the metal pop cans? How about the braided rugs made from plastic shopping bags?

Vintage fabric or clothing that can't or won't be worn can be turned into toss pillows or plush toys or even used to fashion another garment. Or as our Grandmothers did, use it to make a quilt or even a small baby blanket or throw for those chilly nights.

As for my Christmas Gifting, you can be sure that I will be HANDMAKING the gifts If it is something that I can't or don't have the time to make, I will shop online by going to ETSY.Com where HANDMADE is the "IN" thing to have and do.

Yes, my crafting has resulting in me opening a shop on ETSY. I am a proud member of GAetsyTeam, CAST and Fatsy. That is only 3 groups of the very talented artists that sell their wares on ETSY. Our Georgia Etsy Street Team just finished our October Sale was a fun event. I have left my items on sale until midnight Nov.1....Free shipping for sale. I will be adding the beginning of my Christmas line on Nov. 1,2008. My shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Stop by at your liesure at NO GAS money to spend!!! If you don't find what you want or need, then by all means give the other shops a chance . I truly believe that you will become "hooked" on HANDMADE !!!!!!