Friday, January 9, 2009


A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of my "bead" trees. When all the leaves had fallen off the trees, I could see that they were loaded with the prettiest golden beads. With the economy being in such a mess and me being a jewelry designer, what could be better than to find trees just dripping in free golden beads?

I am so short and the trees so tall, I could not reach any of the beads in order to pick them.
Just trying to get one of the farmers ,with harvesting equipment , to pick them for me brought on barrels of laughter .

Now the last laugh is on them. When the storms came and the winds were gusting up to 50mph,
the beads came falling to the ground. All I had to do at that point was to pick them up.

Since I am older that dirt and just a bit on the crippled side and ride around in an electric wheelchair, there was still the problem of harvesting the beads that were now on the ground.
If I bend over far enough to get the beads off the ground, I will fall out of the w/c on to my head.
But ya'll know that a dedicated craftier will not take "it can't be done" as the answer to a problem.

Stay tuned, my crafty friends,I will find the solution to harvesting the "beads".

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hope that I am not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year!!!!

Our day was very peaceful and refreshing after the excitement of the past month.
For those who don't know , the month of December 2008 started off with a bang
for us. On December 1,2008, our first great-grandbaby was born. Baby Noah was
not due until January 8,2009....he was so tiny,but so perfect, except for his lungs.
He was put on a vent.,had to be given blood, had a feeding tube (and several other
tubes that I don't know what they were for). He also had to be under a special light
for jaundice. But he is such a great little fighter that he was able to go home for the
first time on Christmas Eve. What a Gift !

He is doing very ,very well. He eats like a hungry horse. He is very alert to everything
going on around him. He is growing so fast, the premmie clothes are about to small already.

Go back to December 1st on this blog to see his earlier pictures. I hope I can get a couple
of the latest ones to post. He is such a precious baby. Thanks for all the prayers and good
wishes for Baby Noah's health.