Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Noah - Not a Baby Now

A very Wonderful, healthy, and happy 2 1/2 year old.  Our first great-grandson.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ready for Creating

It is not that I have had no urge to create....I seem to be always creating something in my head.

My husband is in home Hospice care and I am his main caregiver. Sometimes there is very little
time for anything else.  A week or so ago we both had a couple of very good days so I actually made
something.   I really want to try to share it with my crafting friends.

                                           Jewelry Display Tutorial

I had an old picture frame that was still in good condition...I took it apart and cleaned it.

I then cut a piece of black ( partial net and partial solid striped) fabric  to fit the backing board.
I allowed  about 3/4 inch on all sides of cut faric. If you look close at edge of picture on Right you
will see one staple on black fabric.  I had to use one on the opposite side also...because I only have
two hands to hold it in place while I attach it.

Then out comes "old faithfull"  otherwise known as  my hot glue gun.  Had to work in small sections
or the glue would harden before I could attach the fabric.  Look at the bottom left where fabric has
not been glued to board and you will see what I meant by stripes. The light stripe, of course, is the net.

When all the glue was dry, I reassembled the frame and fasten the backing board with the metal
tabs on the back of frame. Ready to put my display together.

This is just perfect for these  pairs of earrings that I will add to my Etsy shop.  As I list them, I will
take them from the display and pre-package them.  I also plan to use this idea at craft shows.

This was fun to do so I will start looking for something else to do as a tutorial .

Thanks for visiting and please come back .