Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love to craft more than almost anything else in the world.

I hate to cook more than almost anything else in the world.

So how was it that I just finished making 18 pints of pear
perserves. Not only did that involve cooking, I had to harvest
the pears from a tree older than me. Then I had to wash them,
peel them, slice them up, wash them again, put them in a large
bowl, layer of sliced pears,layer of sugar,etc over and over until
the bowl was almost to the top. Covered the bowl and let it sit over
night. Next day I used the biggest heavest pot and lid that I had.
Put all the pears in pot, turned it on medium.(No water added because
the sugar had pulled a lot of water out of pears and that was all the
liquid that was needed.

After they came to a boil, I turned them down to simmer, left the
pot lid slightly adjar so that steam would excape and to keep pot
from running over. They cooked most of day with me stirring them about
every thirty minutes or so. DO NOT let them scorch ! UGH !

When they had reduced down to about 1/2 half of what was in the pot,
I started taste-testing. Water has turned into pear syrup and it should
be about as thick a pancake syrup, if not add more sugar ,1-2 cups.
Cook somemore. I like for syrup to get a little thicker and sticky.
When syrup and pears got just like I like them, I turned burner off and
let things cool for a bit so that I could touch pot with potholder.

Some of the perserves, I put in BALL MASON CANNING JARS following their
instructions. Some I put in freezer containers (yes you can freeze Pear
preserves) let them cool a bit, then into fridge and from there they will
go into freezer, if we don't eat them first.

I think that really was crafting don't you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


....I think I am awake but not for sure.

I am not complaining (really I am not) but it seems as if
Thursdays have turned into Mondays. Mondays, however, are
not so bad. Have to be up by 7am because my hubby's Hospice
RN's regular day to see him is now on Thursday and she is
here by 8:30am. Of course she comes any time we need her,
but Thursday is the day he really gets a good exam and the
day when she checks his meds for refills and to see if there
is any equipment he needs.

After that, usually between 10 - 2 , the nursing assistant comes
and that is 5 days a week. She helps him with baths, getting dressed,
makes his bed and cleans his room. And the three things that as a
caregive confined to a wheelchair are almost impossible for me to do.
Sweeping/moping, washing dishes ( try being short and reaching over
the sink while seated in a wheelchair ), and then there is the job of
getting the laundry out of a top loading washer. Do you have any idea
just how much we appreciate Anette, our CNA ?

Just now the Hospice Chaplain came and he is with my hubby now.
Hubby always enjoys his visits and always seems to have a bit
better attitude after Chaplain Scott's visit....Hubby asleep ...
Chaplain Scott visited with me and now I feel better.

So what to do with rest of this Thursday turned into Monday ?

Think I will do what Hubby wants and craft something.

Oh did I mention that my daughter slipped in bathtub last night
and pop a rib. Doctor said there is really nothing he can do .
It will heal in time...just rest and Aleve...but right now it is
just pain.

Prayers please for Hubby,daughter and the rest of this family.

O.K., I have had my pity-party....I will get to crafting.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WOW ! Look at Baby NOAH now !

I can't believe that it has been 17months and 7days since I was last able to write about my favorite subject....Baby Noah. Just look at him now sitting on that lawnmower. Of course it did not have key in it (for his safety as well as ours). This picture was made yesterday (Labor Day) when we had a delightful visit with Noah, his mom, his Nanny,his PaScott, Aunt Juju and Uncle Tony. Of course the visit was waayy to short.
Just a little catch up from last few months...my husband of 48 years has had several more heart attacks and now he is under the in-home care of Serenity Hospice with me as his caregiver. My health seems to be on a downhill slide and has required numerous doctor visits. At the momement , I seem to have stablized enough to be able to take care of him. Actually I totally made up my mind to spend as much time as possible with him...heck with the housework. He has insisted that I get back to my crafting. When he is asleep or watching his favorite Westerns, I try to do some beading or other craft. I have been able to re-open my Etsy shop. (Etsy Mini) on the side of this blog. For my own sanity, I know that I feel better, mentally anyway, when I am creating something or writing .