Thursday, September 9, 2010


....I think I am awake but not for sure.

I am not complaining (really I am not) but it seems as if
Thursdays have turned into Mondays. Mondays, however, are
not so bad. Have to be up by 7am because my hubby's Hospice
RN's regular day to see him is now on Thursday and she is
here by 8:30am. Of course she comes any time we need her,
but Thursday is the day he really gets a good exam and the
day when she checks his meds for refills and to see if there
is any equipment he needs.

After that, usually between 10 - 2 , the nursing assistant comes
and that is 5 days a week. She helps him with baths, getting dressed,
makes his bed and cleans his room. And the three things that as a
caregive confined to a wheelchair are almost impossible for me to do.
Sweeping/moping, washing dishes ( try being short and reaching over
the sink while seated in a wheelchair ), and then there is the job of
getting the laundry out of a top loading washer. Do you have any idea
just how much we appreciate Anette, our CNA ?

Just now the Hospice Chaplain came and he is with my hubby now.
Hubby always enjoys his visits and always seems to have a bit
better attitude after Chaplain Scott's visit....Hubby asleep ...
Chaplain Scott visited with me and now I feel better.

So what to do with rest of this Thursday turned into Monday ?

Think I will do what Hubby wants and craft something.

Oh did I mention that my daughter slipped in bathtub last night
and pop a rib. Doctor said there is really nothing he can do .
It will heal in time...just rest and Aleve...but right now it is
just pain.

Prayers please for Hubby,daughter and the rest of this family.

O.K., I have had my pity-party....I will get to crafting.

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