Sunday, November 23, 2008


After all the leaves fell off this tree, I discovered the most amazing was filled with clusters of beautiful golden beads.

Now I would say that if this is,in truth, a real live bead tree...well, then I will never have to buy beads again.

However the question now becomes "how will I obtain the golden beads from the tree branches?"

I am short. The tree is tall.
There was a time many years ago when I have little kids around me all the time that would have been up the tree picking "beads" and selling them to me for a penny each. But now I have millions of beads and no one to pick them for me.......and I have just found 4 more trees like this on the edge of the property. O, goody, now how am I going to get 5 trees of "beads" picked?

I will keep you posted on the out come of this wonderful puzzle.

In the meantime check out my shop at to see how I have been using the beads that I bought.

If you know of any "bead pickers" that don't charge much, please send them my way.

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my tiny studio said...

I do want to know what you will do?