Saturday, March 28, 2009


My darling daughter, the one in green that you met, a few blogs back,is on a journey.
It is a medical journey . After she took the first few steps of this
fantastic trip, she said that she felt like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

You know how Momma's are. We like to find any
excuse to give something to our children.

So what better way to show how proud I was of her than to make her jewelry with butterflies!
The picture is of a set that I made her to wear for an event last night.
If you look at the item on bottom right, you will see that it is a medical bracelet.
I make her a matching band each time I make a new set of jewelry for her.

I have a medical alert bracelet replacement band on my Etsy shop with instructions of how to measure for the replacement. These replacement bands can be made from any beads and they usually turn out very good looking.

Check out the replacement band and instructions for fitting at my Etsy shop.

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