Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last week my VBF needed something to wear to several formal-dress
meetings that she HAD to attend with her husband at some fancy place in
Atlanta. When she called me to tell me the color of the different dresses
that she would be wearing, she said that she wanted matching earrings and
bracelet that would go with all of the dresses. O, yes , something that would
have a lot of glitter and gleam to it.

Knowing her likes and dislikes, I still had to spend a lot of time thinking about
the design and what materials to use. I had planned to use pearls and crystals.
When I put them on the design board , they just did not do it for me. So in keeping
with her desire for lots of glitter, I decided to use clear bi-cone crystals and larger
round AB crystals highlighting them with silver basket bead caps and a sprinkling
of silver beads.

To my VBF, Jan. I hope that you enjoy these flashy bits of metal and crystal!
Thank you for your encouragement and support in my different design adventures.
A lot of things, I would not have even tried had you not been there pushing me

Just a bit FYI.... I have always refered to us as twin-friends. We were born 8 days
a part and our families only lived 3 miles apart. Funny thing , we never met until we
started to school together. We even fit the same general discription. And as far as the
yearly school pictures, in the fourth grade the picture company put our pictures together
in the same strip of wallet pictures. We joined 4-H together,went to camp together,a few
double dates. After we each got married and lived in different towns,lots or phone calls
and visits when possible. I had a boy and girl. She had a girl and boy. Now she has
grandchildren and so do I. We are closer now than ever.

I love you TWIN-FRIEND !

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