Monday, March 23, 2009

St.Pat's Festival

Some people think that St.Pat's celebration is just for one day, March 17.

In Dublin , Ga. USA ,"the Day" is only a part of the fun. There are weeks and
weeks leading up to the Super Saturday and the arts & crafts in the park on Sunday.

Leading up to the "Big Week-End" are road races, beauty contests, Leprechaun contests,
Irish Stew Lunch, Pancake Breakfast, Green Grits, of course Green Beer, Balloon Rides,
Trail Rides,Pony Rides, all sorts of parties and dances, concerts and church services,even
kite flying. Homes and businesses are decked out in spring colors , but mostly emerald
green. The Population makes every occasion a time to wear the Green. On St.Pat's
Day, March 17, you dare not be caught without a bit of Green in your attire.

It has been several years since I have been able to attend any of the activities and I
really do miss them. My daughter tries to keep me in the loop with pictures and
helping her to decide what to wear to her office St. Pat party/luncheon . They always
have a Green theme. This year it was Green deserts. Of course she brought her Dad
and me Green Samples of everything and it was greenlee good.

The beautiful spring weather this past week-end was just perfect for the huge parade and
other outdoor activities. Really wish that I had been able to have a booth at the arts and
crafts fair.....maybe, just maybe , next year!

The picture at the top of this post is my baby girl (only one actually). She is my
favorite leprechaun in her green , all the way to her Green M & M watch and the
green bracelet that I make her on the other arm.

Presently she is working towards stocking the shop that she is setting up on Etsy.
She handmakes wonderful crochet bags and totes and diaper bags and well as other great
goodies. She is almost ready to start listing. You can find her at glory

I will make an announcement of her Grand Opening...I have been told that there will
even be door prizes.

Don't forget KNOTS OF GLORY !

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