Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday, dear Hubby

It is very hard to believe my wonderful,sweet,loving husband is 70 yrs old today !
We got married shortly after he turned 21. Nine months and 21 days later we had
our son who looks like his Dad just opened his mouth and he jumped out.
Then 4 1/2 years later we had a darling little girl.

I am very lucky to have been married to him for the last 48 + years.
We have had quite an adventure through this life together and it has
been amazing.

Hubby is now in Home Hospice care and we are just thankful for each day
that we have to share with each other. He continues to advise me on all of
my craft projects. If it does not meet with his approval, then it is not shown.
He is very talented and on his good days he still plays the keyboard or guitar
and sings. Sometimes we even take part in the yard concerts at our daughters'
next door. Tonight she is making him a cake...I did not know there were
that many candles in this town.

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