Sunday, April 10, 2011

Patchwork Jewelry

When I was just a little girl, many,many,many year ago...I fell in love with colors. Any and all

colors. Then as I learned in school that a color is not just "one color". It is made up of many

tones, shades and hues. That just really cemented my love affair with colors.

I was introduced to patchwork quilting by Granny. She let me help her choose and arrange

the different colored scraps of fabric that she used in her beautiful patchwork quilts.After I

helped her set up the quilting frame and attach the first layer of the quilt to it, she let me

select scraps to use for doll clothes. My workshop was under the tent made by the

frame and backing of the quilt that she and Mama were working on. I spent many hours

under the quilt tent cutting, hand sewing and putting together those wonderful colors for my

favorite dolls.

So,you ask, what does that have to do with jewelry? Just hang with me and I will tell you.

Recently I was looking through my "misfit" beads hoping that I would find just the right

one for a focal bead. Of course, you know what misfit beads are. They are the ones that no

longer have partners . Not even another one to make matching earrings. As I "played" with

my poor lonley "misfits", I was reminded of Granny's wonderful and colorful patchwork quilts.

From that it was a natural progression for me to want to create Patchwork Jewelry.

In the above picture of the patchwork bracelet, you can see that the colors have been

arranged to compliment the other ones. Just as Granny did with strips of one color, I

have tied my beads together with one color ( orange ) of seed beads.

I am happy. The "misfits" are happy and are all clamoring to be made into Patchwork

Jewelry for my Etsy shop.

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