Saturday, December 27, 2008


Remember that little voice that told me "you are not finished ,yet" ? It was in reference to the
things that I was doing to get ready for Christmas.

After I got a good night's sleep, I finally remembered what it was that I forgot.

I forgot to go Christmas shopping !! I did not even BUY any gifts at all. Now how could a person
not remember something like that?

Well, actually the answer is pretty simple...... I HANDMAKE any and all gifts that I give at any time of the year. I just love making items that others like and want. I have a few HANDMADE items
left in my ETSY shop that are 50% OFF the regular price. This sale ends January 1,2009.

Get a start on Your Christmas shopping for HANDMADE items.....after all it is only 363 more days until Christmas 2009.


One Love said...

Happy New Year! I traveled to TX and I decided to give handmade gifts to my mom and aunts. They truly loved them. I hope you have had a great start to the new year!!! Keep Creating in '09!

Best Wishes,

jonwen45 said...

Thank you Lovlee.

My family has even gotten to asking,
"What are you making us this year?"